Fitness advisor

The duties of the fitness advisor include developing a service chain for fitness advice and initiating fitness counseling. The counseling is initially targeted towards seniors. You are involved in developing renewed forms of activities tailored to the target group. The role of the fitness advisor is to motivate the target group to promote their own health, well-being, and commitment to a more fitness-oriented lifestyle. The fitness advisor serves as a hub that can refer clients to activities that can benefit them. The counseling is marketed broadly through the position. The advisor participates in networks and groups related to the field. Within the Sustainable Well-being project, the advisor contributes to strengthening the competence of other leaders. The advisor participates in training, can lead training sessions, and targeted fitness activities. Fitness counseling at the City of Närpes is being developed as part of the Finger model applied within the Welfare Area's senior counseling. We are looking for a person who is initiative, creative, positive, and resourceful. You see opportunities and want to be involved in developing something new in the city. Qualifications: Suitable lower university degree or equivalent previous degree at the institute level. Language skills: Excellent in Swedish, proficient in Finnish.